Large areas are still barren after last year's logging

Large areas are still barren after last year’s logging



After a long, difficult spring I’m finally able to get back to the things I enjoy – being outside and writing.

I started by scouting out my favorite wild blueberry patches. The combination of a snowy winter and wet spring should result in a plentiful crop of wild blueberries. Things look promising. Everywhere I went, the bushes had lots of berries forming, some already ripening. They should peak within the next week,

Wild blueberries have an exquisite, delicate flavor, compared to their larger, plumper cultivated cousins. But because they’re smaller and more spread out, it takes time, patience, and some hunting around to get a pailful. I think they’re worth it.

Next I decided to check in on the area around Overlook Reservoir in Fitchburg. There had been some extensive logging done last fall as part of a forest management program. While new vegetation has sprouted up in a few places, there are still large areas that are almost totally barren. I’m not sure what’s causing it.

Hiking around the logged area is a strange experience. The old trails have been obliterated. Whole new areas have been opened up for exploration. At the same time, it’s easy to get disoriented with all the familiar landmarks gone. It posed an interesting challenge.