Given the current cold spell, I thought I’d go out and look for interesting ice formations. I headed for the small gorge along Foster Brook a short way upstream from where it empties into Falulah Brook.  Most of the land around it belongs to the city of Fitchburg Water Department. This part of it borders the Mass. Audubon Flat Rock sanctuary.

I took the shortest route. I went into the woods at a water department gate along Ashby West Road. There had been some logging activity here, apparently part of a forest management program. There wasn’t enough snow to need snowshoes, but the footing was a bit tricky over the hard-packed snow. Just before some power lines, the trail to the gorge heads downhill.

When I got to the gorge, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new, sturdy footbridge across the brook. There were yellow blazes where a trail had been marked out on the other side. After taking a few pictures of the ice in the gorge, I followed the new trail and found that it looped back to the access road I had taken.

The trail was short, but I see it as a good sign. There are thousands of acres of wooded land beyond here. Maybe we’ll eventually see a new network of hiking trails here.