Timber harvesting near Overlook Reservoir


Last summer people accustomed to hiking around the Crocker Conservation area in Fitchburg, Mass., were upset to discover the land had been extensively logged and huge piles of debris blocked the trails.

The North County Land Trust, which manages the property, promised things would be cleaned up by the end of the year. So, this afternoon I thought I’d take a walk out there to see how matters stood.

Access is still blocked.

Instead of brush piles, however, the area is ringed with Do No Enter signs. Going around the fringes, it’s obvious that even more logging has taken place. The landscape has been mauled by heavy equipment, making it look more like a construction zone than the selective timber harvesting program it’s supposed to be.

It’s difficult to tell from a distance, but many of the logs I could see piled up hardly looked like they were from diseased trees, one of the reasons given for the harvesting. They look like they could yield several hundred board feet of good lumber. So my question is, who will get the proceeds?