Piles of brush block the main trail around Overlook Reservoir


I was away when a story came out in the Sentinel and Enterprise about logging at the Crocker Conservation Area and around the Overlook Reservoir at the end of Flat Rock Road in Fitchburg.

There were complaints about clear-cutting, and cuttings left in large piles blocking trails. I decided to go see for myself.

First off, forest management is necessary to keep a forest healthy. Done correctly it doesn’t have to impact anyone’s pleasure or use of an area. I mentioned the Rhododendron State Park in Fitzwilliam, NH, in an earlier blog as a good example of how this can be done.

As far as the work done up on the Crocker property, it’s not clear-cutting. There are plenty of trees of various species and ages left standing. It does look different than it used to. Eventually I think it will look better.

However, the job is not finished. Large piles of cuttings have been left behind, blocking trails.

According to the article, the loggers left because of wet weather in June and early July. Now that we’ve been in a period of drought, they haven’t come back. According to the article, they have until Dec. 31 to finish the work – what kind of nitwit came up with that one? If they can’t finish their work in the middle of summer, what makes anyone think they’ll finish it in the winter?