One of the strawberry patches at Barrett Hill Farm

Strawberry season is here, a little early this year because of the mild winter and early spring. For me this means a ride up Route 31 to Mason, NH, and Barrett Hill Farm, a wonderful place for pick-your-own strawberries. The fields are on a hilltop with great views; the varieties they have are sweet and tasty.

I heard they were open for picking. Saturday morning was bright and sunny, so I grabbed a pail and off I went.

I like everything about strawberries. I like picking them. I like the way they smell. I like to eat them – with ice cream, with milk, with cream, with whipped cream, dipped in chocolate (I’m sure I have a fondue pot somewhere) or just by themselves.

I picked a pailful. It came to 10 pounds. That may seem excessive, considering there are only two of us living here. My Dad likes strawberries even more than I do, and when there’s a bowl of them in the refrigerator he eats them pretty much non-stop.

Between the two of us, it’s likely I‘ll be back there next weekend to get more. Strawberry shortcake for Fathers Day is a family must.