Score one for the Big Guy.

This week the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bigfoot’s right to be filmed on Mount Monadnock.

It all started in September of 2009 when Keene artist and film-maker Jonathan Doyle walked around Monadnock dressed up in a Gorilla suit and some friends filmed hikers’ reactions, and interviewed some of them. It was a You-Tube hit, so they decided to go back to make another film.

This time the Park Rangers stepped in and told them they were regarded as a “special event” and didn’t have the necessary permit. To get it, they would have had to apply 30 days in advance, and post a $2 million bond.

Keep in mind this was just five or six friends, not a Hollywood production company.

Doyle took the matter to court, arguing the regulation infringed on his right of free speech, and Friday, the New Hampshire Supreme Court agreed, saying that the regulation was overly broad, and therefore violated several constitutional provisions.

By the way, after last week’s posting I did a little research and found there have been a few Bigfoot sightings in central New England over the past few years. Some snow-mobilers report seeing a Bigfoot-like creature in the woods of Ashburnham. There was also a sighting in Uxbridge, on the Rhode Island-Massachusetts border, and a woman driving through Bear Brook State Forest, New Hampshire, reports seeing a similar creature crossing the road in front of her.

On the west side of Mount Wachusett, I once came across the barefoot-print of a child’s foot in a patch of soft mud. It was in the middle of a trail in fairly rough terrain – rocks, roots, etc. – not along a pond or stream where someone might have been wading… hmmm….