Bigfoot in a classic photo

Today’s Sentinel and Enterprise has a front page story about a local couple who have a plaster cast of a footprint they say came from Bigfoot, or at least a Bigfoot-like creature. They say they were walking in the woods in Leominster State Forest – the same area I wrote about last week – in the summer of 2010 when they heard a crashing in the underbrush.

They thought it was a deer, but when they walked through the area, they came across fresh, sizeable, prints of a humanlike bare foot. With the help of a friend, they returned to the spot and took a plaster cast. Their claim is going to be featured on an Animal Planet program tonight.

Where to go with this?

First, Bigfoot – if he exists – is generally considered to be native to the Pacific Northwest, though sightings occur from time to time elsewhere. Most prove to be hoaxes. Others are at least suspicious. I once read about a study that showed Bigfoot sightings in the northwest coincide with periods of peak liquor sales in the region.

Maybe just a coincidence.

There were Bigfoot sightings on Mount Monadnock a few years ago. This turned out to be a character in a film being shot by a New Hampshire artist and film-maker.

A lot of wildlife experts insist there is no population of mountain lions in New England, but sightings continue, and one that was recently killed in Connecticut has been shown to have traveled more than a thousand miles to get here. And I never would have thought there were wild Russian Boars in the New England woods, but there are – descendants of escapees from a private game preserve.

It’ll be interesting see how this plays out.