ImageAs so often happens, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found something better instead. I was in the southwest corner of Leominster near the Princeton line, well past where I had expected to find a trail I wanted to explore. At a sharp curve in the road, there was a gate to what looked like a trail or fire road, and a sign.

I stopped to take a look and found it was an entrance to a part of the Leominster State Forest. There was even a box with trail maps. I couldn’t believe my luck. There’s nothing I like better than exploring a trail I’ve never been on. Just the sort of thing I was in the mood for.

I walked along what was the main path though there were no markers. Several smaller trails branched off to either side. Consulting the map, I found that while the area around Crow Hill Pond was lavishly detailed, the area where I found myself was pretty sketchy. Still I kept following the trail – it was pretty well-worn so it obviously gets a lot of use.

The trail went through a large stand of Red Pine, and I couldn’t decide if these had been planted or if this was a wild stand. Notown Reservoir and another reservoir are nearby, and Red Pine has been commonly planted around reservoirs.

I came to a brook (according to the map it must have been Bartlett Pond Brook), crossed it at a footbridge, and took a trail that seemed to follow the brook. Looking at the map, there are several roads indicated as passing through this section of forest. I eventually came to a wider path, an old wagon or cart path, and decided to use it to loop back toward my car. Again according to the map, this must have been Bartlett Road.

That’s when I came upon the cab of the truck in the picture. That’s all it was, just the cab. No motor, tires, or any other part of the body, just sitting there in the middle of the woods by the side of the path. Continuing on, I found another trail that took me back to where I had started.

I’ll definitely come back another time and go deeper into this part of the forest.