Water Chestnut chokes a waterway

After years of fighting polluters and cleaning up the river, defenders of the Nashua River are grappling with yet another threat – the water chestnut. Yet another Eurasian invasive species, Trapa natans has been clogging American waterways since the late 1800s. By the way, this is not the same as the crunchy water chestnut found in Asian food recipes.

There’s only one safe and reliable way to control it – yank it out. A mechanical harvester has been doing that in the areas of greatest infestation.

Now a joint effort by several local groups, including the Nashua River Watershed Association, Ducks Unlimited, the Groton Greenway Committee and Nashoba Paddlers, are calling for volunteers to come out Sunday morning to scout out and help clear new areas of infestation.

If you’re interested, the organizers are asking you to register by calling the NRWA at (978) 448-0299