Two news stories yesterday help shed a little light on just who the Republicans in Congress are working for.
First, consider the case of Dwight Miller & Sons, a family-owned orchard in Dummerston, Vt. They used a modest Dept. of Agriculture grant to make improvements to their irrigation system, to help them through dry spells, as reported in the Brattleboro Reformer. Small family farms throughout New England got similar help in recent years.

But in the current budget-cutting frenzy, those grants were eliminated in an agriculture bill passed this week by the Republican-controlled House.

What they didn’t eliminate were subsidies to millionaire landowners. As a result, multimillionaires such as Mark Rockefeller – who lives in Manhattan, and is most definitely not a fake Rockefelller – will continue to receive hundreds of thousands in agricultural subsidies. According to ABC News, he qualifies for the subsidy by agreeing NOT to farm on an estate he owns in Idaho.

Go figure.