A boulder blocks the entrance to a conservation area

Like so many places, the Lunenburg Conservation Commission has been waging a running battle to keep ATVs and other motorized vehicles off conservation lands, especially those considered ecologically sensitive. The areas are clearly posted, but it doesn’t do any good.

Either these people can’t read, or they choose to ignore the postings.

The argument that they need some place to ride their vehicles doesn’t hold water, either. There are town lands with plenty of trails where they are permitted.

A good case in point is the conservation area off Pleasant St., pictured above. When the signs didn’t work, a big iron gate was put up, only to have it wrecked. No sooner would it be repaired or replaced, it’d get wrecked again.

In desperation, the town dropped this large boulder in front of the entrance.

It hasn’t done any good. They simply cut a trail around it. And judging from the number of treadmarks and litter left behind, it still sees plenty of ATV use.

What to do?