The footbridge across Mulpus Brook in the Lunenburg Town Forest

I thought I’d take advantage of the day to do some birding at the Lunenburg town forest, hoping I might get a glimpse of the migratory species moving through the area. I picked out a spot that gave me a good view of the extensive wetlands there, waiting to see what might fly by.

There’s a more formal name for this area off Rte. 2A – the Henry Cowdrey Nature Center. People who grew up here know it as the town forest. There’s a nice network of trails looping through the area. Mulpus Brook runs through it, draining out a huge marshy area that at one time was a shallow pond.

So I was hopeful that I’d see something interesting. I waited.

Nothing. A woodpecker tapped somewhere off in the distance. Through my binoculars I spotted what looked like a pair of wood ducks in some open water fairly far off, but they were skittish and took off long before I could get closer.

Birding can be a lot like fishing. One day you go to a favorite spot and you see all kinds of wonderful things. The next day, nothing moves. It was one of those days.