They’re not the sort of headline-grabbing stories that fill the front pages or lead off the evening news, but they’re every bit as important, and they offer encouragement for those of us who care about where we live.

Just over the past few weeks, I’ve collected a modest selection of these stories coming out of New Hampshire.

Last week, voters in Hollis, NH, beat back an effort to cut back on conservation funding. It would have been a double-whammy, since this would have meant the town would have been ineligible for various state and federal matching funds. Instead, they’ll continue to reap the benefits – good for them!

Today’s Concord Monitor describes an ambitious greenway project for the banks of the Merrimack River – a multi-purpose path that would wind through several towns. New Hampshire has been developing a lot of these trails all over the state. More power to them.

Then there are the old farms. The threat of development is very real, and in one town after another, groups of citizens are working to save these precious places.

To be sure, New Hampshire isn’t the only place where these things are happening. But I think we can take a valuable lesson from here. If you care about where you live, about the quality of life there, then you have to be willing to take the steps to preserve those features of your landscape that make yor place different from every other place.

Otherwise, you’ll be reduced to telling your children stories of what it used to be like.