A section of the North Central Pathway

Like so many places, I stumbled across this trail by accident.

I had been planning to snowshoe around the Crocker Pond Recreation Area in Westminster, Mass., but the parking lot hadn’t been plowed. There wasn’t a good place to park along to road, so I decided to go to the High Ridge sanctuary instead, took a wrong turn, then saw a sign for the North Central Pathway along Rte. 140 in Gardner.

I had heard of it, and knew that it had been proposed to develop a rail trail from Gardner to Winchendon. I didn’t know how much had been done. As it turned out, I had a pleasant afternoon snowshoeing along the trail with a few side trips to explore the woods around it. There were some snowmobile tracks, and a few cross country ski tracks.

I don’t know how far it goes, and current information, at least on the internet, is hard to come by. Much of what’s posted is outdated.

In any case, another trail well worth exploring.