There’s just a trace of snow on the ground. I’d hoped for more, but the storms went elsewhere. There’s another nor’easter due on Wednesday. I can only hope.

Meanwhile, the day was mostly sunny, a chill wind blowing. A good day for a walk through the swamp.

I’m resolved to find out more about this property. I’ve heard it’s town-owned land, though maybe not technically a conservation area. It’s been used by humans. An old stone wall winds through it. There are mounds and depressions that seem to be man-made, but they’re not recent.

The ground is frozen hard, and the footing can be a little tricky. Two, maybe three ATV riders have been through. They really churn up the dirt. I’m dismayed to see they’ve wandered out onto frozen part of the swamp, crashing through anything that gets in their way.

I continue on the path that winds around a rise. A set of deer tracks come in from the left. They follow the same path for a ways then turn into the woods again. A few more steps and I stop.

A line of blood runs through the snow. I can see where something heavy has been dragged over the snow. I follow it for a ways. There’s a small clearing where the snow is packed down. A pile of guts is heaped on one side.

Deer season was over a month ago. Poachers. ATV tracks, made deep by the extra weight head out of the swamp.

It’s too late to find out who did this, I would imagine. I’m not even sure who to call. But tomorrow I’m going to try. I’d like to find out if this becoming more of a problem around here.