One of the most notorious polluters in Massachusetts could close within 5 years. The owner, Dominion Energy of Virginia, says it will not be able to keep up with ever more stringent emissions restrictions. They adroitly skipped over the point that they’ve rarely – if ever – complied with environmental regulations, stringent or otherwise.

The plant has been the target of a steady barrage of complaints about their environmental violations. Dominion and all the previous owners have always made assurances that the will eventually comply, but they always need more time, and those deadlines have been chronically ignored.

While the announcement has been greeted by cheers from various environmental groups, any celebration might be premature. ISO New England, which manages the regional power grid, could step in and claim the power generated by the plant is necessary and shouldn’t be shut down, environmental threats notwithstanding.

ISO New England has already checked in on the possible closing of Vermont Yankee, with dire warnings that wires might overheat and other terrible things could happen if the plant goes off-line. No matter that the place leaks like a sieve, and by its own admission, is riddled with problems dating back to its original construction.

Those people need to get their heads out of dark disgusting places and sniff some fresh air for a change.