In searching for an explanation as to how massive amounts of radioactive tritium could turn up in monitoring wells at Vermont Yankee last January, the NRC has decided to step in to the Wayback Machine, blaming shoddy construction and bad housekeeping back when the plant first opened in the 1970s.

I’m sure it’s strictly a matter of coincidence that the current owner, Entergy Corp. of New Orleans, is trying to get a license renewal. The NRC has to this point demonstrated that they’re pretty much in the company’s back pocket, praising the company’s handling – or mishandling – of a host of problems throughout this year.

And once again, the NRC report is just a re-wording of a report handed to them by Entergy.

The document, “The Root Cause Evaluation Report” raises some interesting questions. If these problems date back to the dawn of nuclear power in Vermont, how come no one picked up on it earlier? And if the plant has so many fundamental flaws, doesn’t it make sense just to shut it down, rather than keep on running it?

If this report as intended as just another NRC whitewash, it seems they may have shot themselves in the foot.