I don’t get it.

Bill McKibben and a caravan of supporters drove down to Washington the other day to meet with Pres. Obama to encourage him to re-install solar panels onto the roof of the White House. He wanted no part of it.

What’s to think about? McKibben et al. never got a chance to see the president, meeting instead with a handful of administration cubicle drones who knew nothing and cared even less. Their reasoning was vague at best. McKIbben was told the White House needs to think about it.

McKibben brought the solar panels with him. The same ones that Pres. Jimmy Carter put up during his administration, and promptly taken down by Pres. Ronald Reagan. And a California company has offered to give the White House state-of-the-art technology. It’s not like it’s going to add to the deficit.

Other commentators have suggested the political symbolism was wrong. Inviting comparisons to Jimmy Carter might not be such a good thing. But at least Carter’s heart was in the right place, even if his handling of matters wasn’t what it could have been. Later administrations didn’t have the best interests of the nation at heart and were incompetent to boot.

There were other suggestions that maybe there were security considerations that preclude solar panels on the White House roof.

Like what, pray tell?

Is there a terrorist cell somewhere just waiting for a solar panel to go up so they can attack it? Not unless they’re financed by BP or Massey mines.

Equally disappointing is the lack of reporting on this in the U.S. news media. It’s gotten more coverage in the British press, which is where I read about it – in the Guardian. What gives here?