The Nashua River in Groton

I came across a nice trail that runs along the bank of the Nashua River in Groton. Walking there now, it was difficult to recall that much of where I was had been under water when I first came here in the spring.

Today was different. Late-summer warm, the river quiet, hardly seeming to flow at all. People walking their dogs. Families canoeing down the river.

I had hoped to do some birding, but there was a bit too much activity. Still, it was a pleasant afternoon walk to be in among tall trees and the river.

It was a time and a place given over to contemplation.

Not long ago I read of a study that established (as if they needed to!) that walking out in nature can change a person’s moods. That’s certainly true for me.

I went in feeling the crush of all those things that need doing, scolding myself for taking the time for a walk when I should be getting something done. By the time I finished, everything was back in perspective, and I felt energized, ready to plunge on.