It’s getting to be an exercise in mass denial.

Today’s Providence Journal carries an article about this year’s unusually early harvest. Pumpkins are ripening way ahead of schedule. So are apples. Lots of things are.

“Don’t hasten to point the finger at global warming,” warns the reporter. To be fair, he’s not the only one.

June 2007, in American Scientist “researchers say that global warming has nothing to do with the decline in ice at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.”

February 2009, in a piece about the rise in temperatures in Florida cities in “It’s hot, but don’t blame global warming.”

June 22, 2010 “leading scientists say the idea of blaming global warming on El Nino doesn’t look so hot.”

January 2010 “don’t blame California storms on global warming.”

September 2006 “Don’t blame the sun for global warming.”

The lesson from all this?

If the Patriots don’t win the Super Bowl, whatever you do, don’t blame global warming.