Flint’s Pond in Hollis, NH, isn’t a big pond, only about 48 acres, but it has a big problem, one plaguing many New England ponds and lakes: Eurasian milfoil. Once the invasive weed takes hold, it pretty much chokes out everything else.

A few years ago the Army Corps of Engineers estimated it would cost $9 million to dredge the pond – a lot more than the town could spend. But if nothing was done, the pond would eventually disappear, first becoming a swamp, then eventually a forest.

The town did approve some money for hydro-raking, which will at least clear up the pond for a time. And there are recommendations that they treat the pond with an herbicide to keep the weeds from growing back. In any case, they may have to keep coming back, raking up the weeds every few years.

Opinion in the town is divided. Some say the ones to foot the bill should be the ones who live around the pond, since they’re the only ones who benefit, and town money would be better spent elsewhere.

Those are hard issues, and it’s up to the people in Hollis to make those decisions. I would just say that some things are worth doing, even if everyone doesn’t get a direct benefit.

For now, they’re doing what they can, it’ll do some good for awhile, buy the pond some time until they figure out what to do. I think they’re doing the right thing.