Two interesting stories of insects on the move caught my eye recently, and for once they didn’t involve dire warnings of destructive invasives.

They do seem connected with climate change, because they involve the movement of previously southern species northward.

The Providence Journal is carrying a story about the Baltimore Checkerspot (now there’s a name for baseball team!), the state butterfly of Maryland. While not unknown in Rhode Island, they’ve generally been considered scarce, more common in the mid-Atlantic and southern states.

For some reason, a particular field in Bristol has become home to thousands of these, and no one is quite sure why. One expert noted that they’ve changed their eating habits, munching on English plantain which had previously not been considered a favorite food, but abundant here.

They’re a very striking, brightly-colored butterfly, and will add to the local landscape.
And damselflies, unknown in the United Kingdom since the 1950s, have returned.

An article in the Independent speculates that warming climatic conditions are driving them northward across the channel.