A few things have caught my attention recently that I think worthy of comment.

It’s illegal to keep beehives in New York City. Meanwhile, urban beekeeping is gaining in popularity in Japan, Europe, and elsewhere. Go figure.

Backyard farming is catching on. I think this is a step up from the backyard garden like the one that I have … a few tomato plants, some beans, some lettuce, beets, etc. Not only are people growing food for themselves, but they’re selling the surplus at farmers markets, by the roadside. It’s wonderful.

In Kansas City, this can be a problem. If, for instance, you grow a bunch of food say on a vacant lot or in a community garden, you can’t sell it. Apparently there’s an ordinance against selling food that was grown on land you don’t own.
If you own the land, then you can sell the produce, but you can’t hire someone to help you. Then it would no longer be a home business.

Then there’s the matter of chickens.

Providence, Rhode Island, is struggling with ordinances concerning backyard chickens. Should they be allowed? How many? Once again, the fuss budgets at City Hall want to know how many chickens per square foot they should allow. They’re worried about diseases. Neighbors worry about the noise and smell. These things come up a lot.

Of course, they allow KFC, chicken McNuggets, eggo waffles,… all sorts of heinous “chicken” byproducts – but heaven forbid they should have a real live chicken anywhere near them.