Today’s Worcester Telegram & Gazette has a story about the problem of illegal dumping, in this case on state land. This is a problem wherever there’s a patch of unsupervised land.

There seem to be people who think it’s perfectly okay to take old tires, appliances, construction debris, whatever, load it on the back of a truck and empty it out somewhere in the woods. Out of sight, out of mind.

No harm done. And besides, who’s to know?

In the particular case cited, they were able to track down the “alleged” culprit. In order to do this, he had to drive more than forty-five minutes from the place where he picked up the debris to where he dumped it. All so that someone else could dispose of it properly. Again, in the case cited, the man was paid to dispose of these materials properly. He preferred to pocket the extra cash instead of paying the disposal fee.

This sort of thing happens all the time, all over the state. And not just here. Anyone who’s lived in a rural area is familiar with the phenomenon.

What have we come to that some people think that it’s okay to do this? That somehow it will magically disappear? That no one will mind if they decide they want to picnic at a scenic spot, never mind the pile of shingles, boards, plaster stuff and whatever else has been piled by the side of the road …

Hopefully, they will throw the book at these people whenever they can catch them.