Last week it was those wonderful people in Plymouth demanding the right to run over piping plovers nesting on the beach. Now it’s their friends in Bow, NH, who have decided to exercise their right to vandalize the town forest in that town.

The forest has a number of hiking trails, a scenic overlook with views of the White Mountains, and a pond.

Some people had decided to make it an ad hoc dump, leaving off things like old appliance, tires.

Volunteers raised $7,000 to put up gates at the entrances to keep people from driving in with the ATVs.
They were only up for less than two weeks before someone took some high-powered tools, cut the gates apart and threw the pieces in the pond. Signs with the rules and regulations were vandalized too.
Hopefully someone will turn them in. The police chief in town said she’s ready to throw the book at them.

More power to her.