It was just two years ago that Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick signed the Clean Energy Biofuels Act, with all kinds of solemn declarations about the state heading down the bright sunny road of clean energy. The Act supposedly mandated that 2 percent of home-heating fuels and diesel fuels be blended with biofuels.

It was scheduled to go into effect last week, July 1, 2010.

When the legislature passes a law, such as this, and the governor signs it, that means it’s the law right?


With considerably less fanfare, the Dept. of Energy Resources quietly posted a notice the day before the law was to go into effect, announcing that it was exercising its authority to “suspend implementation.” They concluded it would cost too much, they couldn’t seem to find enough biofuel, and it was generally too much trouble for everybody concerned.

It’s like they passed a law but didn’t really mean it.