The Dr. Alfred Hitchcock House in Fitchburg

It started out as a walk to seek out odd corners of nature in downtown Fitchburg. I found something odd, okay, and it stuck with me for the rest of the day.

I was walking down Pritchard Street when I saw this house and took a bit of a double-take. The canopy over the front stairs reads Dr. Alfred Hitchcock. The Alfred Hitchcock? The house looked like it could have been in one of his movies. Maybe it was someone’s idea of a joke?

As it turns out, it was the home of a very real Dr. Alfred Hitchcock, born in Vermont in 1813 and lived most of his life in Fitchburg. A surgeon, he was credited with a number of medical innovations. He served in the state legislature for several years. He died in 1874.

Who would have thought it …