Charles Baker, the Republican candidate for governor in Massachusetts, has decided to skip an environmental forum in favor of doing what Republicans do best: raising money.

A coalition of environmental groups have organized this forum so that the candidates for governor will have a chance to explain their views on environmental issues. Gov. Deval Patrick and Green Party candidate Jill Stein will be attending the June 29 event. Baker and Independent candidate state Treasurer Timothy Cahill have sent their regrets.

Cahill says he will be in California raising money, which raises other interesting questions. Doesn’t anyone in Massachusetts support him? But then, Mitt Romney got most of his campaign funding from out-of-state so maybe Cahill’s onto something.

The organizers really wanted Baker to take part. His claims to fame include being a health insurance executive who presided over huge cost increases, and he was a major figure in the notorious Big Dig project/debacle that took a decade longer than expected to complete and had cost overruns in the billions of dollars. Do we see a pattern here?

Not a lot is known about Baker and the environment, other than he doesn’t want to talk about it. He opposes the Cape Wind project. No surprise there. Maybe he’s afraid it will ruin the sailing for him and his friend Tony Hayward, all those nasty wind turbines getting in the way. Who would want those when you could have oil gushing out instead?

In fact, Baker is so averse to discussing the environment that when the organizers said they would hold the forum on any date that was convenient for him, he said he was too busy to meet at any time between now and November.