Another slimy invasive is spreading around New England, threatening some of the best fishing areas. This one is commonly called Rock Snot, since that’s pretty much what it looks like – giant gobs of a gooey mess that lines the rocky bottoms of streams. During blooms, it can coat a stream bed several inches thick, choking out any life there, depriving fish of any food.

Today’s news is that they’ve found more outbreaks in Vermont. Once it takes hold, there’s no getting rid of it. Not yet anyway.

Thirty years ago, it was mostly found in western Canada. Now it’s made its way to New England, Maryland, New Zealand and Chile.

So how does a water-bound algae get around?

The primary culprit would be fishermen and boaters who don’t dry off and clean their boots, boats, and gear. These little diatoms hang on for dear life, then drop off at the next available habitat, wherever that may be.