A Tiger Swallowtail and possibly a skipper

When I was out hiking at High Ridge yesterday, there were several Tiger Swallowtails flitting around, including this one that landed close by where I was standing. I’m still getting used to my camera, so I decided to take this shot.

Somehow they seem more common to me now than when I was younger. I remember one summer, I was maybe 10 or 11 year old, and one came flitting through our yard. I had seen pictures of them but I had never seen one in the wild. This one flew out in to the field, and I ran after it, following it way to the edge of the far pasture, when it went over a barbed wire fence, and I couldn’t get over fast enough and so lost sight of it.

I still get excited when I see one.

Last night, as I was looking through my day’s pictures, I was pleasantly surprised to find another little creature in the lower left of the frame. It looks like some kind of skipper, but I don’t know them well enough to be able to identify it.