The late President Ronald Reagan is viewed in two distinctly different ways. On the one side, those with conservative Republican leanings see him as one of the great presidents in American history. There’s even a Reagan Legacy Project, a group of admirers who want to see a monument to the late president in every state.

There is an opposing view, which I unabashedly hold. I don’t want to launch into a diatribe here. Let’s just say his presidency is better forgotten than remembered.

Now comes news of an effort to rename one of the peaks in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains as Mount Reagan. It’s one of the lesser peaks, now known as Mount Clay, named after the “Great Compromiser” of the 19th century.

The New Hampshire legislature approved the change some years ago. But the National Park Service has the last say, and they’re giving it a thumbs down. Changing names, they say, would cause a lot of confusion, since there are a lot of maps out there that would have the old name on it. They say the reason is no reflection on his career or accomplishments.

Trees cause pollution, remember? He appointed James Watt as Secretary of the Interior. The Reagan years were an environmental disaster. I say keep his name out of the White Mountains.

There’s another effort in California to name a small mountain after him. That one is currently named Mount Diablo … meaning “The Devil” in Spanish. I could get behind that. But the people out there don’t want the name changed – and he was their governor at one time.