Good news out of Vermont. The Burlington Free Press is reporting that Pete the Moose is getting a new lease on life. It took a year of wrangling and an act of the legislature, but Pete – who quickly became the state’s best-known and most beloved animal – will not have to be put down.

Pete had been raised by a man who rescued him after his mother and siblings were attacked by dogs. Not only did the gentleman not have any kind of proper permit to do so, but Pete was being kept in a compound with farm-raised elk.

The threat here is the potential spread of chronic wasting disease and other contagious diseases. Either the elk would have to go, or Pete and some other wild animals kept in the compound would have to go, according to the state Fish and Wildlife agency.

But a last-minute act by the state legislature designated the compound a “special herd” and now Pete can stay where he is, albeit with very strict supervision, regular testing, and separation from any other wild animals.