Some weeks ago, I went to a known Great Blue Heron rookery hoping to see some, along with other water fowl. It wasn’t a bad afternoon, watching the wildlife in this particular marsh. But no herons. It was too early for them.

From time to time on my walks, I’ve kept an eye out for them, picking their way long a river bank, maybe flying overhead. But no luck, not until yesterday at a place I hadn’t expected – Coolidge Park in Fitchburg.

This is a city park, with a walking trail around the perimeter. There were soccer games going on, softball games, deck hockey. Lots of people, lots of commotion. Baker Brook runs alongside one end, which is where I was, when I was startled by a heron gliding just past my head. The tree canopy is fairly thick just there, yet somehow it managed to negotiate its way just under them.

There was an eerie prehistoric quality to the bird and its flight. It reminded of a ime some years ago when I was leading a canoe trip. One youngster spotted a heron and yelled out – Look! It’s a dinosaur!.