Sometimes it feels like the bad news just keeps coming.

A Nature Conservancy report details the effects of global climate change on Lake Champlain. We can expect to see higher water levels and eroding shorelines; higher mercury content in fish caught there; more frequent and extensive algae blooms. The list goes on.

The Harvard Forest has issued a report detailing the decline in New England forest. After the extensive cutting of forests of the 19th century, forests generally enjoyed a resurgence throughout the 20th century.

Now we seem to be losing them again.
Of the 33 million acres of forest land in New England, only 3 percent are permanently protected. As we learn more about global climate change, the more important we reaize that our forests are in collecting carbon.

It’s one thing to read about melting icebergs in Greenland, or lizards dying off in Mexico, but these problems are right here.