Of course the most important thing right now is to stop that oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, and do whatever to clean up the mess. But at some point, I want to see some serious jail time for those executives who sat in front that Congressional hearing blaming each other.

First of all, a fine, no matter how big, would be a joke. They make millions every second of the day.

Last night, on “60 Minutes”, one of the survivors of the explosion talked about the pressures to rush the drilling, the pressure to take shortcuts. Now there are stories that not all the necessary inspections were done, that the companies looked for ways to ease up on regulations. This is what it led to.

Look in your local paper. There are plenty of stories of people who through some form of negligence cause harm to people and property. Depending on the seriousness, they can face jail time.

Here we have the biggest environmental crime in history. Lives were lost. Should they get off with a fine and a misdemeanor charge?