Anyone who lives in the rural areas of the north knows what I’m talking about. It’s the time of year when the frozen ground thaws out, and becomes one big goopy mess.

I was researching an article about “mudders” – people who like to take their ATV and Four-Wheel Drives for spin through the slop. As usual, many don’t have much regard for what they’re doing as long as they’re having fun.

They’re tearing up fragile habitats, and if they do it on back roads, they can cause expensive damage.

But enough about them.

Tipicditocreps refers to the clayey soil that holds on to water creating all that heavy, thick mud. I stepped into some of it the other day, and it sucked the hiking boot right off my foot.

I was all set to get worked up over the mudders and their ilk, but learning a new word puts me in a much better frame of mind.

Now if I can just work it into a conversation.