Pardon me for being confused, but I’ve been trying to sort out just what our so-called energy policy is.

Lately I’ve been reading about efforts all over New England to put up wind turbines and solar panels. Alternative energy companies are springing up all over the place. So far so good.

Then I read that ISO-New England says there’s not enough investment in alternative energies to be viable. Why not?

Then comes the President extolling the virtues of nuclear power. It sounds as if he’s bought the industry propaganda hook, line and sinker. Just look around. Vermont Yankee has had cooling towers collapse, fuel rods leaking, and most recently contaminated water leaking radiation. And they want a 20-year license extension.

Millstone in Connecticut has three power plants. One is closed down completey. Another hasn’t operated for months. And the third one just came back on line after a big shutdown. All the money spent to build and run those places, and not a spark of electricity generated between them for weeks on end. That’s our hope for the future?

And now the idea of opening up parts of the sea for offshore drilling. Great. As if the oceans haven’t suffered enough.