The ongoing circus surrounding the leak of radioactive tritium, and now the more dangerous cesium-137, at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant at least has the benefit of making the NRC show its true colors.

First, there was the inaction and the assurances that there’s nothing to worry about while water contaminated with tritium in astronomical amounts leaked for two-and-a-half months before the company was able to find the source of the leak and then plug it up.

Now comes the news that the NRC had invited Vermont state and local officials, and company officials, to a meeting in Keene, New Hampshire to discuss the investigation and the plans for cleanup. Odd that it would be in a different state. Even more interesting was the fact that specifically excluded from the meeting were the press and people opposed to the Vermont Yankee plant.

The NRC tried to rationalize this by explaining company officials might feel uncomfortable in a public forum. Too bad!

Luckily, this idea didn’t pass the smell test. Vermont attorney general Deborah Markowitz called the idea of the closed meeting “legallly questionable and ethically repugnant.” Good for her!

The NRC apparently has seen the error of its ways, and the meeting is now a “workshop” open to the public, April 12, at the Ramada Inn in Brattleboro – just a few miles up the road from the plant itself.