Even as the New Hampshire legislature is considering creating a special license plate to help fund its state parks, there’s news that they’ve been raiding a fund supposedly dedicated to land conservation and preservation projects.

The same thing happened in Connecticut some months ago, when it decided to raid money from a special license plate dedicated to funding environmental projects along Long Island Sound.

In New Hampshire, they’ve been charging a fee of $25 for mortgage and deed filing, with the proceeds to go towards Historical Preservation and Land Conservation projects. In practice, only a fraction of it remains, while the rest has been diverted to the general fund.

Now that same legislature is considering creating another dedicated fund, this time to help finance their state parks. This would be done through the sale of a special license plate, with the proceeds going to help maintain the state parks. But who can believe them?

People pay these fees, or buy these plates, trusting that the money will go to a good and worthwhile purpose. When something like this happens, it puts the state legislators on a par with the fraudsters who pretend to be raising funds for some worthwhile cause while pocketing the money for themselves.

Small wonder people don’t trust their elected officials.