Today’s Nashua Telegraph carries a story about an 18-year-old in Hollis, NH, who was driving home the other night when an owl crashed into his windshield. The story could have ended there.

Instead, he went home, told his mother about it, and they set out to try to find the bird. They eventually found it, stunned by the side of the road. But it’s late on a Saturday night, so now what? What else? They call 911. An officer responded, and after some consultation with the police dispatcher, they figured out what to do.

The police dispatcher contacted a wildlife rehabilitator over in Temple, NH, a ways down the road, as they say here. The owl – which turned out to be a Barred Owl about a year old – spent the night at the Hollis police station before being brought to the Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Temple.

The owl was lucky. It had no broken bones, or other serious injuries, so after a few days of nursing, it was released back to the wild at the Beaver Brook Sanctuary in Hollis, not far from where the accident happened.