I’ve always tended to use the change of seasons as guideposts, in much the same way beancounters hover over their financial quarterlies. Sometimes I’ll look back and think about what I’ve been up to. Occasionally I’ll set up a resolution to start something, or to do something different.

This time last year I decided I would take the plunge, force myself to get back to writing, start a blog. I’m glad I did.

Writing is remarkably easy to put off. In the old pencil-and-paper days, I would spend a half-hour sharpening a handful of pencils – not with my pencil sharpener, but with my little pocket knife, whittling away until got the perfect point. Then, of course, I had to hunt up a fresh pad of paper.

The computer got rid of all that. I still manage to put it off. After all, this thing is hooked up to the internet, and I can always check my email. If I really feel like procrastinating, I’ll read some spam.

There were some fits and starts to the blog. I wasn’t sure how often I wanted to post something. I wasn’t really sure about what direction I wanted to go in. But now, I’ve settled in to once a week, and that feels about right.

I’ve started to write for an online news site, Digital Journal, and that’s given me a real boost.

I was going to write about the winter solstice, and how I noticed that the earliest sunset actually occurred a few days ago, according to the almanac. Not only that, the latest sunrise takes place in January.

I was going to start this blog on the winter solstice, but it was really a day or so later. I was going to save the look back for next week, but here I am. I have a strange relationship with time. In small things I tend to be punctual down to the minute. In larger things, I don’t think in terms of days, or weeks, or even months, but in seasons. Maybe I’m just giving myself more leeway to procrastinate.

It’s snowing again. I’m going to take down my skis and go for spin through the fields.