Today has been absolutely glorious – the oppressive heat and humidity are gone, giving way to crisp, clear air and a bright blue sky. I made a spontaneous decision to hike the last few miles of the Wapack Trail in Peterborough, New Hampshire. The trail runs from Mount Watatic in Ashburham, Massachusetts, to Pack Monadnock in Peterborough. I’ve hiked every leg of it, except the last one, so I thought this would be the perfect day for it. It didn’t quite turn out that way. I never quite found the trailhead, somewhere on one of those New England backroads. It’s possible it was damaged in last winter’s ice-storm, and I missed it. That happens. What really frosted me was the endless line of yellow “No Trespassing” signs on both sides of the road. What have we come to? A century and a half ago Thoreau bemoaned the growing practice of marking off one’s property, warning people away – even where there was no house nearby.

More on this in a later post. If anyone has thoughts on this and happens to stumble onto this blog, it would be great to hear from you.

The day was no a total waste. I went into the village, to one of my favorite bookstores, and soothed my bruised sensibilities with some casual browsing.